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Dr. Chris Galeotti
Alameda Chiropractic Center


May 2017 by Ruth Jalkowski

Dr. Chris and his staff are excellent. i suffered with head and neck pain for 5 years. i had unnecessary surgery. The neurologist wanted to give me spinal blocks. Nobody i saw checked my xray, except Dr. Chris, to find my neck was dislocated. My suffering over 5 years, aged me 15 years. I saw my grandmother in the mirror. Dr. Chris changed my life in 6 months, when the rest of the medical world, only let it get worse over 5 years.

“I didn’t believe that this cream could really work. It just seemed too 
good to be true. But when Dr. Galeotti applied it during my adjustment, I 
immediately felt additional relief which turned me into a believer!” 

“I used Adjust Your Healing CBD Cream at home on my shoulders after my 
adjustment and it definitely made a big difference and helped relieve my 

I had been having treatment for several years from another chiropractor. The treatments helped, but did not solve the problem. On my first visit with Dr. Galeotti, he did a thorough exam and suggested x-rays. The x-rays showed several issues with my back. Since I now had a reason for my pain, Dr. Galeotti was able to develop a successful treatment plan. In a short period of time, I was pain free.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Galeotti to anyone in need of chiropractic services. Everyone in the office is friendly and courteous.

~~"Dr. Chris is great. My daughter had knee pain and the orthopedic specialists couldn't do anything for her, saying it was growing pains. He made some adjustments to her spine and she immediately felt better."

Judith A
Chester Springs, PA

~~"As a high school athlete I was introduced to Chiropractic at an early age. over the past 45 years I have had the opportunity to have been treated by many, many different doctors (I have always sought Chiro care even when I travel!) and have been under the care of a few great ones. Basically, I am very knowledgeable and picky about my Chiropractic care.

Dr. Chris is one of the best I have ever met. He takes the time to listen and ask questions. He has a gentle approach but is strong enough to get the stubborn adjustments that fight back!

We met him several years ago when he was giving free adjustments to runners at a 5K event sponsored by a local church. He is an athlete himself which is what I always look for; he understands a holistic approach. I recently saw him because I hurt my shoulder surfing, he immediately reduced the pain!

The office staff is very sweet and friendly. They remembered my name on the second visit.

If you are wondering if Chiropractic care can help you or you have used it for years and are looking for another doctor, try Dr. Chris. He is excellent."

Bob S
Pottstown, PA

~~This is a very caring practice 1 of 1 attention! I have recommended family and friends. I have been getting chiropractic care for 35 years. When I moved here 13 years ago I could not find the specific adjustment I needed from one doctor. I would have to go to a practice with several doctor's one would adjust my neck the another doctor was better at backs but not my neck the other doctor my hips. Doctor Chris has the ability to address all specific problems. He understands how the nervous system can affect the body when out of alignment. He talks about nutrition. This is the place to go. He also has another office in Oaks so you can go to Gilbertsville and Oaks. Please think about giving this practice a call!

Gwynne R
Gilbertsville, PA

~~I have been coming to Dr. Chris for a few months and the difference in my back, neck and hips is amazing. I have an interesting issue with my knee cap and Dr. Chris has been phenomenal with getting it back in place and stabilizing it. A work in progress but the first chiropractic that I can truly tell is working. Very nice genuine people . You will love the office and his staff. Do your body a favor and come see Dr. Chris Galeotti

Ellie D
Pottstown, PA

~~I was diagnosed with a possible tumor un my hearing nerve, central vestibular disorder, and otosclerosis. I was suffering from dizziness, vertigo, horribles migraines sometimes I did not feel my left arm. The doctor decide to do a CTScan of my neck and he said oh you do not have a tumor but you need to go to a neurologist a soon is possible. I took the CD from mt CT Scan ans I showed it to Dr. Chris and he saw my neck to straight and that wasn't good. I have lordosis I don't have the nature curve of my neck. He explained to me that my stem (spinal cord) was pulling my cranial nerves, maybe that was the reasons of my multiple symptoms. He adjust me and told me that I need to do one exercise for five minutes. Putting a hard pillow in my neck. I start and to be honest I didn't resist the first two minutes was painful and my migraine was worse. Because I trust him I continued doing it now is my week number 3 and I do not have the dizziness, vertigo or migraine. Better that everything is I fill my arm and I feel so good. I have the central vestibular disorder and the otosclerosis but I have quality of life. Before his treatment I was suffering so much that I didn't what else to do to feel better. Thank you Dr. Chris

Barbara R

~~Dr. Chris has helped me so much and has even corrected the scoliosis I have had for 10 years! He cares so much about you as an individual and its passionate about what he does!

Christine H
Pottstown, PA

~~I have been seeing Dr. Chris for about a year! He will stick with you and help you figure out what is going on! I always feel so welcomed when I walk through the door! I highly recommend Galeotti Family Chiropractic!

Callie K
Boyertown, PA

~~I cannot believe I haven't reviewed Galeotti Family Chiropractic before! I have been a patient of Dr. Chris for almost 8 years and, believe when I tell you, I would be in a wheel chair by now if it weren't for him! I praise the Lord for him and all his wisdom! You will not be disappointed if you become a patient!!

Nancy M
Phoenixville, PA

~~Very family oriented. Truly care about you as a person and not a number like other chiropracters I've been too.

Joanna T
Bally, PA

~~Dr. Chris is outstanding, as well as caring. I hurt my back in an auto accident and Chris has helped me immensely! I am getting back to normal because of Chris. Thank you.

Glenn A
Trappe, PA

~~Dr Chris is a very caring person and is very good at what he doe.

Linda B
Spring City, PA

~~An awesome experience. I highly recommend going here. Thanks Dr Chris.

Dan M
Phoenixville, PA

~~Phenomenal practice! I couldn't perform my profession as a hairstylist without Dr. Chris' weekly adjustments! Thank you Dr. Chris for helping me manage my migraines as well! I used to be a weekly sufferer and now I no longer am!!

Maria A
Stowe, PA

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