Getting Back to Normal

Getting Back to Normal

By CL Derr
May 2016

I had been having treatment for several years from another chiropractor. The treatments helped, but did not solve the problem. On my first visit with Dr. Galeotti, he did a thorough exam and suggested x-rays. The x-rays showed several issues with my back. Since I now had a reason for my pain, Dr. Galeotti was able to develop a successful treatment plan. In a short period of time, I was pain free.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Galeotti to anyone in need of chiropractic services. Everyone in the office is friendly and courteous.

By Doris B

November 13th 2003, tumultuous blustery winds raged outside my house. Merely holding the door open for my husband to enter, I was blown across my back porch by a strong gust. As a result of the incident, I sustained several injuries but no broken bones. After the fall, my neck became very stiff. I work at a school so I discussed my condition with my friend who is the school nurse. She suggested that I make an appointment with her Chiropractor, Dr. Christopher J. Galeotti. December 10th I had my first appointment with Dr. Galeotti. Within the first week of treatment my neck felt much better.

In the 16 years I have had diabetes, my blood-sugar levels have never been normally stabilized. Nothing I had done in the past had ever improved things. While in the continuing care of Dr. Galeotti for my November incident, little did I know that by January 9th we would see significant changes in my blood-sugar manageability. Amazingly my blood-sugar is gradually becoming more stabilized.

Fifteen years ago, I had surgery that left the right side of my back partially numb. With Dr. Galeotti's help, by January 27th the numbness was gone and feeling has been restored to that area.

Some bones that had been a little out of place for a number of years are now where they belong. What a relief! I am very thankful to my friend for recommending Dr. Galeotti. Only expecting him to alleviate my neck pain, I still am almost in disbelief at the miraculous improvement made to my quality of life. In only a few short weeks my neck became less stiff, blood-sugar began to stabilize, my posture dramatically improved, numbness subsided and I feel like I have had an extreme make-over!

I look forward to spending the next 16 months eagerly anticipating even more positive results from being in the care of Dr. Galeotti. Even thought individual results will vary, I would recommend "Dr. Chris" to anyone curious enough to want to see about getting back to normal.

Update - Doris to date continues in Dr. Galeotti's Wellness Program


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